Xelpmoc is a unique combination of startup incubator and technology partner.

Xelpmoc comprises of engineers, designers, product managers, marketing specialists, data scientists, and finance & legal experts. This gives Xelpmoc the unique ability to provide cutting edge solutions to any technology or business challenge.

Currently, Xelpmoc has a team of around 75 full time employees. In addition, it has a created a network of around 100 independent experts from India and Silicon Valley, who provide their expertise in a part time capacity.


Startups face a number of challenges today, difficulty in hiring and retaining the best talent, developing products quickly and innovating continously. These constrain even the best entrepreneurs with great ideas from releasing disruptive products and keeping ahead of the curve. This is where Xelpmoc comes in. With it's all round capability and skill sets, Xelpmoc comes in as a technology co-founder, develops the product/platform along with end to end technology requirements and manages it. Xelpmoc also pitches in with strategy for business growth and finance, legal and compliance framework with a vision to make the startup compliant for funding or IPO.


Xelpmoc partners with entrepreneurs and align goals by having a stake in the business, thereby ensuring a continued interest in the long term to build a profitable business. To get the best talent, Xelpmoc gives it's employees salaries that are at par or better than industry standards. In addition, all employees and independent experts get stocks based on their contribution to projects. The allocation of stocks is dynamic in nature, and is based on regular performance appraisals. This ensures that everyone working on a project have skin in the game, and always work towards the startup's success. This philosophy is designed to ensure that Xelpmoc functions as the ultimate co-founder to any startup.